Ford Lightning Engine Parts, Best Lightning Mods

Ford Lightning Engine Parts, Best Lightning Mods

I believe the AFCO is larger(holds more fluid) and I don’t think the fluidyne is dual pass. Lightning SC 101: Ford used 2 different SC assemblies on the Lightning: the 1999 & 2000 model years used a 9-row Intercooler (IC) and the 2001-2004 used a 10-row IC. According to most folks on the Lightning forums, the 9-row IC assembly tends to leak coolant over time and was a recall item by Ford.

Increased air pressure can result in an excessively hot intake charge,ford lightning heat exchanger significantly reducing the performance gains of supercharging due to decreased density Increased intake charge temperature can also increase the cylinder combustion temperature, causing detonation , excessive wear, or heat damage to an engine block or pistons.

The pump is gravity fed from the reservoir and then discharges into the heat exchanger and then up to the IC. Since we had already installed electric fans from Flexalite (the BEST customer service I’ve ever experienced), we mounted the IC reservoir on the passenger side of the radiator support.

Every time the water is run through the HE it sheds the heat that was picked up in the IC. Limiting factor…….the heat pulled from the IC. In a situation where you change to a larger HE you get an improvement because you now have the ability to shed the heat being pulled out of IC where the smaller (stock) HE couldn’t.

So there you go. You will only see the advantages (aside from vaporizing water) of a larger pump if you have a HE that can shed the extra heat it pulls from the IC. The currently available HE’s are large enough to shed the heat transferred by stock pumps.

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