Merzouga in Morocco: places to discover

Merzouga in Morocco: places to discover

Is the pearl of the desert and one of the best places in Morocco to visit I can honestly say it is one of those place you do not now about but they are really good. This is a little town best known for its beautiful landscapes and dunes in which you can easily get lost. This is a beautiful place if you want to enjoy the sunset or maybe look at the starts. It may not be the big city of Fez, or the Sahara Desert but it is still a good place to discover.

Merzouga is basically a dessert star, as this is one of the best things this city has. The Merzouga dune is one of the best destinations in the Morocco Tours. This is an unforgettable experience and when you are here, you feel like you have not lived enough. If you stay at night, you will be able to see the stars on the blue sky; sometimes it feels like there is not enough space to put another star on the sky. You never forget the orange color of the dunes. It seems like it is never going to end, and it is funny to see the footprints of your toes whenever you keep walking. This is an amazing experience and one of the favorite activities to do in the Morocco trips.

If you continue discovering the city, you may find the Galleries Laoun. This is a cute town. People here are ready to show you its culture: traditional music with history. This is a really special place, it is perfect to take a tea or a juice, in a town that is extremely quiet. It is surrounded of pictures that get you closer to the Morocco art side. They also offer a collection of traditional instruments and they show you how to play them. This is a recommended place to go, and if you want to give something traditional as a gift, is a good option too.

If you like natural places and you enjoy visiting them then you should go to The Lake of Merzouga. Unfortunately, right now there is not lake so you will not be able to see the lake and the dunes, but I am sure if this was not in this situation, everybody would love to come here and enjoy this place. But you need to keep the positive things. As the lake is dry, you will be able to see the plants and pick some rocks. Right now it is dry, but when it was not dry it was a pleasure to come here and see this beautiful place.

Talking about Morocco Tours it is always good to point out that a good accommodation is recommended if you have a long trip. So, you will need to know some information about some great hotels that are great and you will never want to leave.

The first hotel is called L’Amandier. It is located near Marrakech and it offers an infinite pool and great views from your room. You can see the valley which is not full of people, so here it is your opportunity to go out and discover the place.

If you look for something more formal, you can go to the Royal Mansour in which you are going to feel like a prince or princess. Riad Karawan is one of the finest riads in Morocco. This is like a big apartment better than those apartments that you find in New York. This is the reason why you will not want to leave this place.

So, if you have your accommodation ready and your destinations, start your Morocco trip right now!

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